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75GPD Five Stage RO Water Purifier with Indicator
2014-08-3175GPD Five Stage RO Water Purifier with Indicator

1. Five stage RO system. PP sediment, GAC, Carbon block, RO membrane, Post carbon.  2. CE certificate for whole RO system and NSF spare parts. EW-TFC membrane, PP sediment, pressure tank, filter housing have NSF certificate 3. 3.2G metal tank or 4.0G plastic tank for Option. 4. Quick fitting for Option. 5. Indicator for working situation and online TDS meter for option. 6. Dust proof cover for option. 7. 50GPD/75GPD/100GPD are available 8. OEM and ODM business is welcome and we can show customers brand on our system

Wisdom 75GPD Inbuilt Tank RO Water Purifier
2014-08-28Wisdom 75GPD Inbuilt Tank RO Water Purifier

75GPD Wisdom Inbuilt Tank RO System 1. Five Stage RO System Inline PP Sediment/Inline GAC filter/inline Block Carbon/75GPD RO membrane/Inline Post Carbon 2. 2.5G Steel Tank or Plastic Tank Inside 3. Indicator, show the working situation 4. Leakage alarm, once leakage, the machine wills stop and the alarm will activated

Water Vending Machine
2014-08-22Water Vending Machine

Capacity: 400, 600, 800 and 1, 300 gallon per 24 hours Source water: City water Power: 220, 260, 300 and 510W RO membrane:FS-TFC 4021 Membrane UV: 16W Ozone content: 1000mg Dimensions: 1, 950 x 720 x 1, 300mm Use for 5 gallon bottle or smaller bottle It can be used in community, school and factory Characteristics: Luxury stainless steel waterproof frame, front door-open design, safe and sanitation, durable, easily install and maintain Advanced RO technology, adopts nine stage to treat water to ensure the output water quality Intelligent technology and IC card induction selling control technology to ensure the charge precision is up to dollar 0.01 Fully seal filling type + high-concentration ozone sterili...

FRP Pressure Vessel Tank
2014-08-22FRP Pressure Vessel Tank

FRP Pressure Vessel Tank * Made up of high performance composite material with filament wound. 100% corrosion resistant. * Various thermoplastic liners of polyester, high strength polypro-pene, etc * Liner wall thickness available from 0.150" (3.8mm) up to 0.300" (7.6mm) corresponding to the vessel diameter * Full choice of pressure vessel available up to 36" Diameter with 72" Height * Top & Bottom openings available for 18" Through 36" Tanks * Operating Pressure 150 psi (10.5 kgf/cm2) * Operating Temperature 150T(65° C) * Low installation and maintenance

Multi-Port Water Control Valve
2014-08-22Multi-Port Water Control Valve

We are the agent of Fleck, GE and RUNXIN control valve in China. The manual and automatic valve for filter and softner for different size tank.

Frp Membrane housing
2014-08-22Frp Membrane housing

FRP Pressure vessle is the membrane housing made of Fiber Glass material, including 8", 4" and 2.5" series. Popular used in Electron, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, food & drinking water, desalination, waste eater treatment etc. Available pressure: 300PSI, 450PSI, 600PSI, 800PSI, 1000PSI, 1200PSI. Specification: From 1 elements to 7 elements. Applicable to most standard membranes like: DOW, Hydranautics, CSM, GE Osmonics, Vontron and so on. Fiberglass-Reinforced Plasctic advantage: *High strength & Light Weight * Non-corrosive/Low maintenance * Electrically Non-conductive * Easy to Assemble and Erect * Attactive Appearance

S.S. Membrane Element Housing
2014-08-22S.S. Membrane Element Housing

Complete Series: 4" housing from 1 elements to 3 elements. Material Stainless Steel 304 and 316 are available Both end port and side port are available Seamless housing and with seam housing for option. End cap optioin: Nylon end cap, common SS end cap, Deluxe SS end cap. Maximum Operating Pressure 300 PSI (17bar) Stainless Steel, High Polished Exterior Not affected by UV rays or sunlight Can withstand high temperatures, up to 200 Fahrenheit Capable of supporting process piping Designed for direct connection to most style of RO elements

20Ton/per Hour Indsutrial RO Water Treatment Plant
2014-08-2220Ton/per Hour Indsutrial RO Water Treatment Plant

We can produce industrial RO system from 500Ltr/per hour to 30000Ltr/per hour RO system. We have one skilled team and can design different kinds of industrial RO systems for different purpose, such as beverage, hospital, hotel and other field. We have very good relationship with big supplier, such as Pump(Granfus,Nanfang), membrane vessel(Wave Cyber, Pentair), membrane(Filmtec, Hydronautics, FS-TFC), FRP tank and controal valve(GE, Pentair, Runxin) Only need water analysis report and your requirement for produced water, our engineer will design the best system to satisfy your requirement. We also provide the bottle filling plant(Small bottle plant from 1000B/h to 10000B/h or 5 gallon tank palnt from 100B/h to 500...

500LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier
2014-08-22500LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier

  Emate Reverse Osmosis Systems cover a wide range production from 800 to 12000GPD with easy installation and low maintenance. System is high quality components designed and 100% factory & industry tested. Years of trouble free service offered. Main Features: 1) SS304 skid 2) With Pretreatment /Without Pretreatment 3) Thin Film Composite Membranes 4) Stainless Steel RO Housings 5) Horizontal Feed Pump 6) Vertical High Pressure Pumps 7) PLC Control 8) Power On/Off Switch 9) 5 Microns Pre-filter 10)Water Flow Meter 11)High Pressure Gauge, 12)Inlet Low Pressure Gauge 13)Low Pressure Switch 14)Heavy-duty PVC Piping (Optional SS Piping) 15)Level Control On/Off 16...

600GPD Commercial RO Water Purifier
2014-08-22600GPD Commercial RO Water Purifier

600G Cabinet Commercial RO System 1. Two pcs of 300GPD membranes with two pcs of 300GPD pumps. 2. 20" blue filter housing and 20G tank. 3. Cabinet with Roll and Convenient to move 4. TDS online and Pressure Gauge and flow meter 5. Indicator, show the working situation. The capacity is from 100GPD to 600GPD and it is designed for resturant, coffee shop and other fast food shop

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